The Planehoppers

Season 1, Episode 1: Stumbling into Adventure

Everything must have a beginning...

A group of rookie Bahamut’s Patrollers (BPs) gets called by the dwarven mayor of Jatii to investigate the disappearance of a certain Mr. Copppernight, a determined dwarven prospector eager to transform a keep outside Jatii into a bustling Dwarven community. At least until he vanished with out a report.

The rookie BPs: Garfield, the Dwarven Paladin and Zack, the Dragonborn Fighter immediately went too investigate. They were accompanied by Siti, a Human Cleric of Bahamut and Book, a Warforged programmed to give intelligent instructions in battle as per Bahamut’s teachings of combat. On the way to the keep they meet with an Eladrin Rogue who mysteriously introduced himself as “Killer”.

While Garfield had reservations on having a dude named “Killer” in the party, Book pointed out that Killer’s killer instincts may prove useful in the investigation, should the venture turn violent. As these ventures tend to degenerate to.

When they reached the keep, they found it to be abandoned. Although a bunch of little reptilian creatures were found running towards a hill on the keep’s backlot. Siti correctly asserted that whatever threat is going on in this area must be holed up in the hill. Book recalled a text from the books back in the library back in Duban that the Dwarves were adept into building underground strongholds, and it concurred.

While Garfield and Zack was prepared to storm the hill to eliminate the threat with Bahamut’s vengeance laced with martial might. Killer stopped them and pointed out that it’d be better if he scouted the hill first.

After Killer slinked out and in the woods surrounding the hill, he gave his opinion. There was a bunch of bored looking kobolds being harassed by two bigger more agile kobolds with slingers. They look like they are staging an assault. From the bits of pieces of stray Draconic Killer sort of understood, it seemed like the kobold were going to try and overrun the village of Jatii. But the kobold’s were no problem for the current party to subdue he assessed.

So the party sneaked up to the hill when it was dark and proceed to take advantageous position behind a 10 feet-high wooden fence as per Book’s instructions.

On Garfield’s signal the party assaults the hill. Zack climbed up the fence with ease and breathed fire on the kobolds eliminating half the troops on the hill. The fight was a cakewalk afterwards. Siti blessed, Book gave instructions, Garfield bludgeoned, Killer back-stabbed and Zack decapitated. The hill was cleared in a mere 30 seconds.

As they were taking a short rest after the brutal half-minute, Zack heard some indistinct kobold voices chattering about inside a rather deep pit in the middle of the hill. The party decides to descend to the pit to investigate further.

Zack, Book and Killer traversed the rope ladder safely down the pit. But unfortunately the rope ladder snapped as the heavily armored Garfield and Siti was traversing at the same time. They landed quite harshly with Garfield breaking Siti’s fall.

Momentarily stuck underground, the party lit a couple of sunrods and explored the cavern. After quite some time they reached a hall of dwarven heroes Coppernight had built. At this point though, it had been vandalized by the nefarious kobolds.

The kobolds guarding one particular statue attacked on sight. With them was a wyrmpriest, hinting at the possibility that there might be something more to this than previously thought.

With the audience of chained dwarf prisoners, the party ousted the resistance after a long and hard fight. Relations between Garfield and Killer worsened as there was an unfortunate incident in which Garfield accidently struck Killer with his warhammer as Garfield was trying to attack a prone Kobold skirmisher. What Garfield didn’t know the skirmisher was on top of a tapestry which hid Killer underneath…

With gritted teeth, Killer picked the lock of the prisoners and they showed them a secure secret bunker within the hold in which they can get an extended rest.

In the bunker, Garfield and Killer traded barbs of words between each other as Siti tried to mediate. Book, not understanding sentient grudge holding and bitterness just did his best to stand guard as he deactivated to stand-by mode.

The party woke up to an angry Draconic rant heart through out the keep. In general, the voice was angry at the kobolds for their incompetence in guarding the hold from the invaders. Zack identified the voice as probably coming from a Dragon, albeit young. Killer, exited at the prospect at slaying a dragon, immediately led the expedition to find this dragon lair and straight up slit the dragon’s throat.

Eventually, they found the lair after a walking over a bunch of resistance and a s it turns out the dragon was only a mere wyrmling. A white dragon wyrmling to be exact, protected by a legion of kobolds. Killer took the initiative and teleported behind one of the kobold lieutenants and back-stabbed him. The rest of the party sprang into action after this cold kill.

The dragon proved a tough costumer. But thankfully there was an enchanted bear-skin rug that seemed to empower Garfield’s attack and defenses, the rug seems to favor dwarven victory for some reason. And by focusing the stand on the rug, the wyrmling was eventually slain.

As the party was scooping up the dragons modest horde, they heared a brogue-laden shout calling for the adventurers. The party found the source of the noise in a secret room behind the wyrmling’s makeshift throne. Behind this throne, they found none other that Mr. Coppernight!

Long story short, the dragon assaulted them while they were working on the stronghold and that’s how they were held prisoner. It’s been three weeks since this happened and they were kept alive by the barest of sustenance. He also explained that the bear-skin rug was enchanted to empower Dwarfs if the stronghold was attacked. He stood there for a full 30 minutes before he was knocked out by the dead wyrmling’s claws.

Mr. Coppernight proved thankful…and wealthy! Besides the experience they got, they also gained a substantial amount of gold pieces and magical items. One of them was an armor perfect fit for Garfield. It was black and seemed studier than his previous plate armor.

The mayor later informed the adventurers that there is similar kidnappings of prospectors in Fallcrest…

Are these kidnappings related? Is there something bigger than expected pulling the strings? Tune in next time to…

The Planehoppers!!!



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